What Clients Say Means a Lot...


If you are looking for a trainer who challenges your body and is able to work within all your limitations (health) and quirks (I hate the glute "bench" look), Anne is the trainer for you!.  I've been working with Anne for the last 2 years. She's kept me on track and challenged me to challenge my body. We've made a lot of gains, and every time I have a setback she figures out a way to make the impossible possible!  If you need someone to meet you where you are and show you how to get to where you want to go, Anne is the trainer you are looking for.


The first time I met Bob, he put me at ease.  He listened carefully to my concerns about being able to get into shape due to problems with both my ankle and shoulder.  I quickly discovered that Bob is a highly knowledgeable and experienced trainer who always has the right set of exercises to make me feel challenged, but comfortable.  His expertise in Muscle Activation Techniques and strength training have made a huge difference for me.  

Bob is patient, motivating and supportive.  I have worked with him twice a week for eight months and in that time I have become not only pain free, but also stronger and more toned.  His passion for fitness and nutrition is contagious, and he makes going to Inspira a pleasure!


I have reached a stage in my life where I have had to proactively redesign my life. My children have grown and flown, my mother is succumbing to Alzheimer's, and my marriage has ended. I have moved into a new house. I found myself living through a second adolescence; eating poorly, making decidedly unhealthy choices, battling depression, and fighting for and against my newly-found independence.  I woke up right around Christmas of 2015 suddenly aware that I was carrying an additional 50lbs, a miserable diet, a lousy feeling of ill health, and a newly acquired sense of self-loathing.

Inspira is in my neighbourhood, I walk past it several times every day as I walk to my mum's retirement residence to care for her. My dearest friend encouraged me to come and try out a class (almost dared me), telling me how fun it was. I took her up on the challenge.
That was all it took. 

Anne was coaching that morning and I suddenly felt comfortable, safe, and challenged. I realized that I was actually capable of reclaiming my health and my fitness. I knew I could do it sensibly and joyfully and successfully. I booked a consultation with Anne and when she heard my goals and grinned and said "That's totally doable!" I was hooked. I'm not sure it's entirely rational to say that my goal has been to get fit and strong and not give up beer...but it is true and I'm well on my way.

I now work out four times a week. I do a private training session once a week with Anne and try to catch at least three classes a week as well. I've dropped about 30lbs in 7 months, gained muscle and strength, a waist, great legs, and a new family of friends at the gym.
Inspira is a community that welcomes and embraces everyone...from the newest to fitness and strength training to the most experienced and athletic.

Inspira is my happy place, my safe place, my workout space...my other family.  They all accept (perhaps occasionally grudgingly) my filthy language and unconscionable karaoke as I swear, sweat, sing, and laugh my way to a healthier and happier me.  I couldn't be more grateful or more happy.

Mary (CrazyEyes)



For the past 10 years I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD and agoraphobia. I have struggled with maintaining work, tried all the medicationfrom A to Z, some with serious side effects and spent countless dollars on various therapists. This is aimed to those who may be struggling with mental illness or think they might. The doctors are right, exercise makes all the difference. 
I signed up just to give it a shot not having any idea the benefits would be immediate. I never belonged to a gym. For me, that was out of the question. I had the videos at home but never any real motivation to use them.

After my first workout all my irrational fears, for the first time, just vanished. Probably because I was so tired. :-) I was sore but happy. The staff at Inspira are so friendly and encouraging you end up pushing yourself harder than ever before because you WANT to. All of a sudden I was eating well and exercising on my own. I was able to go out and get groceries for the first time, or just go for a walk to enjoy the sun. Not everyone will quite understand how liberating this is or how hard the simple things can become but those that that do, I can not express how great this place is. I even tried one of the strength classes. Now I admit, that was too hard for me (for now) but again I was determined to finish and made it through. And several happy bonuses!!! Without even trying, I lost the weight I gained from the medications and what I like to call "depression eating".

My medication use is down, my doctor is happy, my therapist is happy, friends can hear the change in my voice and for the first time in my life, I can finally see a light at the end of this long depressing tunnel. The experience has changed my life and it's just a fun place to be! I encourage anyone of all fitness levels and abilities to join. There's a personal touch so they will work you, no question, but still customized so they won't push you past your abilities.

This is a special place that everyone deserves to join.


The Inspira team have created a fun and welcoming environment in which to pursue your fitness goals.  Whether in group classes or one-on-one training, each instructor is attuned to individual abilities and needs.  If you want to take a positive step towards better health and wellness, Inspira is the place.


Kirsten is a terrific personal trainer for all the right reasons: she is well-educated in anatomy and fitness; she is creative and patient; and she is warm and clever. I have benefited enormously from working with her. I always feel better at the end of every session!


When I began training with Kirsten I had reached a point where I was thoroughly confused about what exercises to do. Treadmill was the easy decision every morning but what then? At the age of 73 I found myself dealing with various chronic problems from arthritis in the knee and vascular insufficiency in my legs to neck pain resulting from an old injury. I found exercises on line designed to address particular problems but I was never sure I was doing them right. It was my son who pushed me to work out with a personal trainer. When I complained about the cost he protested that it was a good investment in my health.  Kirsten helped me not by imposing her goals on me but by helping me to bring my own goals into focus. My aim was to increase mobility so I could get on the floor to play with my grandsons. I wanted to do everything possible to prevent dementia and to stop myself from slipping into geriatric depression. I felt immediately more grounded when Kirsten began to develop exercises geared to my particular problems. She wears her learning lightly but every decision she makes demonstrates her thorough knowledge of the human body. Trust is crucial and it matters that Kirsten is professional to the core and that she knows her stuff. Once I knew that she would never push me too far it felt good to have her push me beyond my own expectations of what my body can do. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. After only five sessions with her I could feel the results in my increased strength, better concentration, better balance, and a feeling of living more confidently inside my own body. My son was right. Kirsten is worth every penny I pay her and this is one of the best investments I have ever made. I thought working out once a week would be a chore. It has turned out to be a joy. 


Kirsten has helped me to be strong and pain-free! My chronic foot and back pain are completely gone since we started working out together. All of our workouts challenge me in the right ways. Her cheerful enthusiasm and encouragement make the really tough exercises much more enjoyable! I can tell that Kirsten truly cares about my health.


If you want a tough but not too tough trainer, who works with the client where they are at, then Vlada is your trainer.  She is flexible, knowledgeable and supportive of her clients' journey.  She helped me to get my pre-baby body back.  She is truly the best trainer I've worked with.