Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching: Executive Package

Struggling to make changes in your life, feel like you are going round and round in an ever decreasing circle, feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed? Is your life out of control and you don't know which way to turn? Two years ago I graduated the Level 2 Precision Nutrition Coaching course, an intense process that lasted 12 months. In turn this has opened up via Pro Coach, a unique software online coaching package that really helps develop a better perspective on your relationship with yourself and nutrition...its a daily long haul habit based system using proven techniques that have served 1000s of people. What do you get? Accountability, feedback, advice, videos, a quick start guide, and coaching when struggles come along...its a totally amazing set up, all this for $129 a month...ask for more details. I have personally been through the whole system and can totally vouch for its value.