We are pleased to introduce our in home personal training and nutritional consulting services. We cover midtown Toronto from St. Clair to North to the 401, from Bathurst in the West and to Bayview in the East. Our highly experienced, qualified and insured team will provide you with detailed individualised workouts, counselling, guidance and advice.

We bring the equipment to you should you need it. We are very adept at working in small spaces with minimal equipment and are happy to incorporate any equipment you have.  Are you undergoing rehabilitation at home? Let us show you how to progress back to full function. Having trouble with nutrition? We can help. Want to workout in the fresh air?  So do we! We pride ourselves in our service and expertise. 

Want to know more? Contact us now for a free, no pressure in home consultation. We love helping people reach their dreams.

Inquire at chas@inspiraathletica.com for details.