Our small group fitness classes are designed for all fitness and skill levels with a high level of coaching in a non-competitive environment.  Our highly qualified trainers keep your workouts interesting and incorporate a variety of fitness equipment including: TRX, kettle bells, sand bells, and gravity machines.  Call it what you will, get it while you can. 

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  • 6:15-7:00a Boot Camp

  • 9:45-10:30a Monday Monday


  • 11:45-12:30p Stayin' Alive *Our older adult class!

  • 12:45-1:30p HIIT and Ab-use - CANCELLED FOR AUGUST

  • 6:45-7:30p Cardio Strength and Conditioning - CANCELLED FOR JULY AND AUGUST


  • 9:30-10:30a Intervals & Conditioning

  • 7:00-8:00p Resistance Strength Training


  • 11:45-12:30p Stayin' Alive *Our older adult class!

  • 12:45-1:30p HIIT and Ab-use

  • 7:00-7:45p Pop-Up Classes - check the schedule for details


  • 6:15-7:00a Boot Camp

  • 9:30-10:30a Total Strength


  • 7:45-8:45a Abscetera

  • 9:30-10:30a Total Strength


  • 9:00-10:00a 10/20/30


Abscetera: This Pilates-inspired class combines challenging core and back and butt muscles.  Don't be fooled - this class will challenge your whole body through mindful movement.

10|20|30: Check off all your fitness boxes in this unique class. We start with 10 minutes of core work, followed by 20 minutes of Tabata (interval training) and finish strong with 30 minutes of full-body strength training.

Boot Camp: No matter what your fitness level or experience, this class will get you moving with a mixture of cardio and resistance training. Anything goes – we use bodyweight, dumbbells, sand bells, TRX, cardio and weight machines to create a fast-paced workout that will never leave you bored!

Monday Monday: This 45 minute class changes week to week.  Some HIIT, some kettlebells, TRX, abs, strength - you name it, you've got it!  Start your Monday off with a bang!

Intervals & ConditioningOur Intervals and Conditioning class includes a heart-pumping intense interval training circuit and together with full body conditioning. This class offers an efficient cardio blast (HIIT) that effectively complements your strength training - an ideal way to ramp up your workouts!

Stayin' Alive: Our small group fitness class that is designed specifically for older adults. Gradually increase your strength, stamina and endurance safely under the supervision of a personal trainer certified in Senior Fitness. Any fitness level is welcome! It's 45 minutes long. 

Resistance Strength Training: For anyone who is looking for a dose of strength training we've got you covered. A full-body strength class that will challenge you by changing up exercise variables such as resistance, pace, intensity and stability.  This class is suitable for all fitness levels and can be customized to your needs. Guaranteed to leave you stronger than before! 

Total Strength: Leave no muscle group untouched. Lose fat and build strength with this weight lifting class. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie in the gym, our instructor will guide you through an exciting workout that will sculpt and strengthen your body.

HIIT and Ab-use:  Give us 45 minutes over your lunch hour and we will give you an efficient, face paced workout.  With a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and some pilates inspired ab work, we will challenge your whole body while getting your heart rate up.  What matters to us?  Mixing some serious exercise with some great music and a whole lot of laughs.  This class is 45 minutes long.

Cardio Strength and Conditioning: A class aimed to get your heart rate up while building endurance, power, strength, flexibility and balance. What matters most? The music…an upbeat tempo to push you through 45 minutes of heart pounding fun!


$22 Drop-In

$180 - 10 Class Pass ($18/class) - Expires in 3 months 

$320 - 20 Class Pass ($16/class) - Expires in 5 months 

$420 - 30 Class Pass ($14/class) - Expires in 6 months 

$520 - 40 Class Pass ($13/class) - Expires in 7 months 

*Your first class is free! E-mail us to book! 

All classes are subject to HST