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" I Hurry Through My Day But I Don't Know Why"

Recently we posted about eating slowly , something that I have to remind myself of all the time. As a trainer I work irregular  long hours and sometimes the gaps between feeding get way too big, this means I have to extra careful with my  meal planning, especially in the evening .Some days there can be a four hour gap between eating, if I am lucky I may grab a quick snack , usually an apple or a handful of walnuts in greek yogurt, other times I come home feeling like I have eaten for days. I walk into the house famished , I smell something cooking, its too late to eat big amounts so I have to be careful not to do so. My two favourite strategies are 1)to put the fork down between each mouthful or 2) to push the bowl completely away from me temporarilly and do something to distract myself from the food, I may even get up from the table .I also try to take a smaller portion in the first place.

Often my day is hurried ...and some times I have to ask myself " why"  . Why am I hurrying my day and why am I hurrying my food? I mean hunger isn't an emergency and being 5 mins late for a client isn't going to be the end of the world. ( just as a FYI if I am travelling between 2 places I leave a time cushion gap as there are too many factors out of my control , a short time gap just makes life stressful), maybe I suffer from some level of " martyr complex" where I feel I have to work hard or long hours.

Many of my clients also have busy lives and schedules, some even want to hurry their workouts , I have probably said " slow down your repetition speed" to clients  in excess of 100, 000 times and I probably am not joking.Not only is it stressful to keep rushing but the outcome response from doing the exercise will be diminished. Time under tension is key to getting results! Sometimes I think there is almost a game called " too busy'" and they are all part of it, thats for another blog I guess. The " fast " life people are often the ones who are most stressed and also getting less than optimal results. Now if we can just get you to slow down that eating you might enjoy it more, it may also stop you racing through the rest of everything you do!

I am suggesting that if we can start slowing down our food, make or set aside specific times for eating ( and stick to them ) then we can slow down the rest of our lives, many people want to make each day 25 hours long ...when this starts to happen health starts to become less important ... even during the workouts or exercise thats  are being achieved the person is planning in their heads to rush off to the next thing on the agenda. Stressful indeed.

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