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My Journey ( so far) in 2013...

Its only late  April and I already feel that I have accomplished a lot and I am pleased about that... I am going to share with you some stuff that I am proud of... The Alcohol Factor

In previous blogs I mentioned that I abstain from alcohol from the 1st of Jan for as long as possible..I have done this without blemish for 30 years ( the longest was until the 27th April some 2 years ago) this year I hit Friday 22 March...its like the only New Years resolution that I have " started" i.e. I only have one habit to work on....It takes some resolve to achieve and one way of spurring me on is to tell my clients, this means that they check in on me and push me along. Anyway I don't really do it for direct health reasons but more I guess as a willpower test...if you knew how much I liked the occasional beer you would be proud. During this time my weight didn't change if you were wondering despite keeping up a pretty regular regime of spin biking and weights and a bit of running, more about the latter later.Just as an observation about 3 -4 hours exercise per week.

Running Factor

The running started mid to late February in preparation for a 10k in early May, its become a bit of an annual thing and as my body doesn't like to run that much I have to train early and smart. This year I decided to go out earlier despite the cold weather..and I found that I was comfortable running around 20 mins straight off and felt ok, usually the first run is a killer to my body but I seemed stronger from the off.I soon began to build up my times and within 6 weeks had hit 10 k, for a non runner this was a good feeling, maybe I even started to enjoy it but don't tell my clients as I like to have something to moan about from time to time..

Interestingly when the running started even though I felt my calorie consumption was increasing the weight started dropping a month between 4 and 6 pounds stayed off after an xmas period weight gain. I also noticed how less stressed I became and little things stopped annoying me.

Trainer Gets a Trainer

Yes actually I went and got myself a trainer... Having been a trainer for around ten years this was a MASSIVE step for me...this was also around Xmas time. Why did I do this? This had been on my mind for a long time, as a trainer its easy to stop taking care of yourself as you spend so much time taking care of others...your days are often long and tiring... you can get fatigued quite quickly and it becomes easy tho skip workouts. There is always " tomorrow" , however as I am always telling my clients " tomorrow never comes the the fitness industry, so it was time to bite the bullet. It was becoming hard to stay true to my values and principals I also felt I needed a bit of " looking after"....someone to feedback to, someone to bounce ideas off of...someone indeed to monitor and put value on my achievements...The benefits it seemed spurred me on , someone else was worrying about my weight ( I am not heavy by the way just fancied losing a few pounds and set myself a target....and NO, I am not telling you, but so far so good)... I was actually being held accountable. Very strange and at times frustrating..however it... made me look at how I relate to clients a bit.. dare I say differently..

So we stuck to 2 x a week which was/ isn't always easy , but its been working. In one discussion we actually decided that the all round consistency was the key...if you wondering I got my first " goal" number and have managed to maintain that figure for over a was also interesting, and maybe a bit personal.. discussing " my nutrition" with someone else. It appeared that my calorie balance dipped but not straight away.. in other words it took me a month of increased cardio to start seeing real change. In addition I started to see real strength gains in the gym.

Did a 10 k but not the planned one!!

So all good on the training, running fine with a few niggling issues ...and then I realized I might be away for the planned race date..(15th May) , I had made a promise to a client to run with them in this race...Dilema. The running was going fine and I had hit the distance twice already in training, so 3 weeks ahead of schedule we entered another 10k on exactly the same course...It was bloody freezing as we headed out yesterday morning. Normally I get nervous before something like this but not this time...the race went fine, a nice fast downhill course...and a strong finish, slightly slower than last year but with 3 weeks less running I was happy, and was within my predicted time! . Happy Days!!! The only soreness was light and in the thighs, I was however exhausted but proud.


So far so good , 3 more weeks to the target race which is actually on the same course so thats going to be interesting ...we have stayed relatievly injury free, stayed within my weight boundaries..kept the cardio and resistance training going, only problem on the horizon is an upcoming vacation so we are going to have to plan to get round the issues that that presents.  Updates coming soon.