It looks easy…we open the door, we train people, we close the door and we go home…ahhh, if only that were true.  What really goes on in a day in the life...?!

Most weekdays, the studio is open long before the clock strikes 6 am – Yonge Street is quiet, it is dark and often it is cold!  Truly the clients who come in at this hour deserve the utmost respect.  Mornings at Inspira are typically busy from about 6 am to 11 am - 7 days a week - a lot of people obviously prefer to work out early and get that out of the way – a good strategy as by 5pm life can get in the way of a workout.

Our days typically start with a 6:15 am class – and a later class around 9:30.  We have pretty great attendance – which is a testament to our clients’ commitment and consistency.  Perhaps surprisingly, those early mornings are filled with a lot of diverse banter and laughter – someone could get rich by documenting many of our conversations. Working out can be a chore so the added touch of humour really helps speed the time along.  We love teaching – it’s a bonus for us if you love attending!  It would be wrong to leave the subject of classes without touching on the topic of music.  It is a hot button for sure – feel free to weigh in – everyone else does…    

As the morning rolls on, we try to get some small jobs done – like restocking water, folding towels (some better than others!), cleaning the studio – all basic but necessary just the same.  Peppered throughout the day are several visits to our fine local caffeine establishments.  Surely we are not the only training studio surviving on caffeine as the day rolls on.

Any downtime in my morning is spent checking through email, responding to phone calls, updating Facebook and other general admin style stuff. This is not my specialty! 

During my "break period" in the middle of the day I spend time researching and reading articles or books.  I get through a health and fitness book every two weeks.  I also moderate various Facebook groups (one for trainers, one for students taking a course I graduated from last year and one based on lean eating principles)...again, a lot of small jobs that people don't see but that eat up at least an hour of my day.  I love being part of these groups – they’re a great way to stay connected and I learn a lot. 

During the late afternoon I usually train from about 4 to 7 pm.  The day is still not over.  It is back home for another round of emails and general catching up on stuff missed during the day.  My day is finally winding down around 8 pm. I try to read another chapter of whatever book I am currently into before finally getting some sleep!!

Like everyone else, I need to find time to workout.  Sometimes it can be hard to schedule it into my day but I try to do that about three times a week during the break in the middle of my day…nothing crazy, just 20 to 30 minutes but I try to make them count. 

Each week I like to spend about 15 minutes with my trainers.  This gives me a chance to discuss business stuff and allows me to keep up to speed on what’s going on with our clients.

No two days are ever the same but it is always satisfying to have helped someone improve their health, even to the smallest extent.  It is a privilege.

Could I have a better workday?