What does good nutrition mean to you?

A thousand people will give you a thousand answers.  No one knows what "good" means anymore.  There is so much opinion out there I am surprised no one has set up a TV channel just for that purpose. It's a minefield and anyone really that does not take professional advice is going to struggle with body composition change.  Everyone has some advice for you; Oprah, Dr Oz, the newspaper, your spouse, your work collegues, a sprawling internet spewing forth copious opinions, magazines.....

It's funny how many people tell you what to eat now, "top 10 weight loss foods", it's enough to make you give up and you haven't even started.

What do I want to accomplish with my plan?  Ask yourself this when you start and ask yourself again frequently. How are you going to remain true to your goals? Is your behaviour matching your goals (my favourite discussion point  so don't get me going on that one).  Who is helping you check in on yourself?

My plan should be about 3 things:

1. I should aim to improve body composition and hopefully feel good whilst doing so.

2. Improve your health and function. We shouldn't be looking to slow down metabolism, reduce muscle mass, increase nutrient deficiencies or decrease energy levels for the sake of something else.

3. Improve your performance, think long term. 

Focus on one area, let's say weight loss at the expense of something else causes problems.

A good example maybe low calorie diets for weight loss (or maybe other reasons) can lead to loss in bone mass (yes 20 year old female athletes can suffer right here), can lead to a loss in muscle mass, can reduce performance and impair mobility in later years. You may drop weight but health and performance suffer.

Similarly low carbohydrate diets may help you reduce blood sugar, however drive them too low and you drive muscle and liver carbohydrate energy low too.  For endurance sports low muscle glycogen will kill energy levels.

So we need to keep a balance in our outcomes, improved body composition, health and performance. Good nutrition is outcome based, theory and a 1000 articles on the net are all fine, but show me the results. 

Results - so sexy!