I have flown countless times but that doesn’t mean I can fly a plane....yes, that's the funniest thing I heard today! And it's so true.

Actually, we were talking about health and fitness at the time. In particular, we were talking about gyms. It's no surprise that so many members pay the hefty gym fees but don’t use the gym.

They have been left frustrated, results aren’t forthcoming, no one is helping them. Even if they are offered help, a lot of that help is being resisted for whatever reason...it's not valued or respected.

Maybe a quick comparison across service industries would be interesting? How do banks or restaurants treat customers? Do other companies take money off people to such a large extent without giving them proportional help in return?

Gyms are probably not leading the way in customer service. Today I also found that a large gym chain in this country wants its trainers to sell a minimum of 100 sessions per client. Can you imagine? 100 sessions!!!

•I want to lose 10 lbs… that will be $10k. •I had a knee replacement and need some gentle rehab…that will be $10k. •I have a 10k run in 2 months… ahhh you need 100 sessions and yup, $10k please.

Everything needs attention in blocks of 100 hours. How bizarre is that... so, client unfocused!

Now, there is nothing wrong with being shown how to do things in a gym. In fact, there is everything to be said for helpful gym advice. But let's say you can’t afford the investment in a trainer. It's a little off-putting and makes you feel second rate.

Does it encourage improved skills around the gym or do you start doing things on your own? Just buy Mens Health magazine and off you go! After all, you have been working out for a few months...that makes you an expert. You have been watching, listening, no worries you can do all this by yourself. Can you imagine watching a BMW technician service your car then go home and do it yourself?

In a gym however, the system is almost setting you up to do just that. Why do people begrudge paying for a advice in a gym (not that anyone needs a 100 sessions, seriously). How much is your health worth? Is it worth more or less than you car? People take lessons for golf, horse riding, skiing, flower arranging, the list is endless....why not something that is beneficial for your health?

So ask yourself this…who is actually teaching you about food? Who is teaching you injury prevention? Who is teaching you exercise progression? Who can tell you what you fear is actually helpful too you?

Professional advice is the key to success…who is on your team?