Indicator lights on the dashboard of your car telling you something is wrong are just annoying, right? But they are there for a reason (apart from squeezing money from you for some expensive service)! They blink away in front of you... playing and toying with you. You know something is wrong with the car and you may not even need an indicator light to tell you that! You can sense it, hear it, feel it. But that light won’t just pack up and leave - it's telling you something is WRONG and you need to do something about it!

So, what are you going to do with the annoying flashing light? Within a few days, you may google it to find some generic explanation online. A few days later you may start to think about doing something about it. Finally, you book the car into a garage so someone with more knowledge than you can fix it (hopefully)! Why do you do this? Because experience probably tells you that unless you do something now then it could get expensive. Not complicated, right?

Now, have a look at yourself…what are your indicator lights telling you? Are you going to ignore the body's warning signs? If you ignore them, they aren't going to fix themselves, you know! What your body is showing you right now is probably the truth!!

Think about what your body's inner compass is telling you. Which way is it pointing? What's going to happen to you if you only decide to follow this compass direction in say 3, 5, 10 years time?

Sadly, most people think more about the car and taking it into the garage rather than taking their own bodies to someone who can help them.Like a car there are people ( lets call them " body mechanics" )out there who can help you with various aspects of your engine and your body work... nutritionists,( lets look at whats going in that engine) people to put the brakes on( maybe a lifestyle coach?)  show you how to drive better ( maybe an exercise coach or trainer) the list of available help is amazing.