When people are filling in food journals I always remind them to add all liquids ....not just water but juices ( we recently discussed that  fruit juices could do without being in the fridge) , pop ( same as fruit juices) , alcohol, tea, coffee, yes calories are lurking every where especially fat and sugary ones. Creeping Coffee House Calories

I live in a country that does like to drink its calories. Many people don't realize  during the course of a day how many calories are creeping into your body via liquid consumption. For example one of the more popular coffee chains will make you a "double double", ( double cream ,double sugar)however its made proportionally. A small has a proportion of sugar and cream  relative to its size but then so does a large.They want the coffee to taste the same regardless of its size.

When ordering a small double-double, you get 110 calories, 6 grams of fat and 12 grams of sugar.

When ordering an extra large double-double, you get 320 calories, 18 grams of fat and 36 grams of sugar.

Thats a massive difference , for the same drink, multiply the 200 calorie daily difference and thats 1400 extra calories a week just on the choice of one drink, or 1.5 lbs of extra fat a month.

Another popular chain will sell you a Cafe Mocha(without whipped cream) that could include 340 calories, 11g of fat, and 44 g of sugar. A white Choc Mocha (without whipped cream) with 2% milk has a whopping 510 calories , 15 grams of fat and 74 grams of sugar.Thats around 1/3 of  an average woman's daily recommended calorie intake.

Pop Goes the Calories

Its not surprising that pop features so heavily in the diets of countries where obesity rates are rising,laced with sugar it brings us no nourishment , with up to 10 teaspoons in a 12 oz serving its a massive dose of unneeded sugar.A can a day could be 160 calories with no nutritional value.In return soda increases inflammation both acutely and chronically which in turn leads to health problems such as an increase in belly fat around the organs ( visceral fat), Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers,high bold pressure, lower good cholesterol.

Diet Pop

A lot of people think that these " skinny pops" are a good alternative to its more sugary older brother, despite the presentation of being healthy they contain caffeine and artificial sweeteners that can cause you a lot of issues. Ask your self " does this improve my health?" and does this food " add value".

Juice Looks Good in the Adverts

Often advertising associates health with fruit juice drinks , its misleading , a 8oz cup of orange juice can have 122 calories and 30 grams of sugar, it has none of the fibre (its  been processed out) and a reduced amount of the oranges actual  nutrients.

A Days Liquid Calories

Your day could easily end up looking like this :

  • 8oz Orange Juice for breakfast
  • Large Double Double at coffee
  • Can of pop in the afternoon heat
  • Powerade with your workout

Bam thats around 700 additional calories  per day or a lb and 1/2 of Fat a week. Interestingly enough most of them are habit related too!! And this type of drinking wouldn't be abnormal so be careful what you drink.