This is going to be a monthly feature probably. We are still following one particular client, this journey started many moons ago and still brings something new to the table each time we visit it. Imagine how you could be inspired by reading the words of someone who actually went on a real weight loss journey, after all the words are the words of a real life person like you or me, its not from some glossy magazine or a reality TV show but a real life transformation, a true blood, sweat and tears life changing experience. The following is straight from the horses mouth so to speak with no amendment. The sentiments here are common to all new exercisers or gym users, fears, tears and struggles.....What should I be doing... how should I be doing it .. and why is everyone looking at me? A promise….or a commitment?

Ultimately you are in charge of your destiny….”When you make a promise you break it, but when you make a commitment, you keep it!’ Martin Rooney, Precision Nutrition

A promise….or a commitment?

When I started this new fitness journey, I made a commitment to myself to eat better, exercise regularly and lose weight….a lot of weight! Luckily, my coworker at the time was also interested in losing weight and together we joined the gym 5 minutes from our work.

I was scared of the gym….everyone was so fit and dressed in nice fancy gym attire and knew what they were doing. And….there was so many machines…I didn’t have a clue what they were all called or even how to use them. I was sure I was going to embarrass myself in front of all these people. In actual fact, everyone was too busy with their own workouts to even notice me. It took me a long time to recognize this fact and move on and stop making excuses!

Within three weeks of going every day to the gym, we caught the watchful eye of one of the gym’s personal trainers and he came by to chat us up. Funny, he didn’t try and sell us any training, but rather  to ask us our stories and what were our goals? And then, he did something I had not expected….he cautioned us about making sure we took days off to rest our bodies and teach us that you could actually train too much and end up getting injured!

It seemed from that moment that we had an ally in the gym and whenever we were there he would wave and find a few moments to swing by and see how we were doing. He would show us a new skill to try or how to use a piece of equipment safely or simply just come and tease us! It was really nice knowing you had someone looking out for you at the gym and that they were interested in helping you work towards your goals.

I ended up twisting this trainers arm into training me in a 6 week program that the gym was offering to get people started on weight loss….It was the best thing I ever could have done for myself! We had an initial assessment together to determine my fitness and lifestyle challenges and he asked me some very hard questions about myself and my goals. He helped me frame up those goals in a way that I could support them and ensure I could be successful in a timely fashion. Not only that, but seeing him three times each week really kept all those plans very present in my day to day life. Simply knowing that I was going to have to show him my journal every other day definitely kept me on the straight and narrow! I wanted this to work….I wanted to be successful, I wanted to prove that I could do this and having someone to be accountable made it all very possible.

Well the results were over the top! I lost 22lbs in those wonderful 6 week and totally rocked the weight loss programs expected outcomes! I went down 2 clothing sizes and my doctor was discussing taking me off of my blood pressure medicine because I was no longer hypertensive! With each and every week, I was becoming fitter, healthier and stronger and even more determined that I could lose all the weight!

Responsibility! Ultimately you are in charge of your destiny! I heard this quote from Martin Rooney of Precision Nutrition who gave a motivational talk on Strategies for Success. He said ” When you make a promise you break it, but when you make a commitment, you keep it!” I realize now that it was this kind of thinking that really made the difference for me. My self-dialogue went from “ I wish, If only I could, tomorrow I’ll start!…..all excuses of why I couldn’t be successful before I even started to one of …” I want, I can, NOW! I am starting now!!!

If you just say you want something, it is simply a wish….but if you write it down, it is a goal! I was just so proud of myself for really sticking to the plan and not wavering from it even when there were times that I was really challenged or out socially with friends and it could have been so easy to cheat……but I chose my goals instead!

I chose to Commit!