So how is it going? Yes it's almost half way through the year already! How is it going with your health and fitness goals? I thought I should review mine and do it publicly so to speak, kinda makes me more accountable. This is a summary of the year to date and the issues along the way. Part 1 of the Journey was covered some months ago if you want to go and read back.


For the first 3 months of the year I was pretty strict in following my New Years Resolution and  stayed off the alcohol for quite some time, I reached at least April. So what happens when alcohol comes back into the equation and can I justify that behaviour in my long term goals . Do I become less inhibited around food whilst drinking? Does it make me peckish or more hungry? Should I pay more attention to my eating around alcohol? Well so far its been " OK" re introducing alcohol to the weekly nutrition, I am paying a keener eye to amounts and also monitoring the outcomes of my weekend activities ( both in alcohol and nutritional terms) .

So another goal was to run a 10 k, did it, did ok and continued running for a couple of weeks afterwards, in my mind I was planning on doing another 10 k , but I didn't book one and the running slipped away from me. I got called earlier today by one of my bootcamp clients as to how my running was going, I fessed up and decided that it could start again today. (I did run for 35 mins very gently)

Recently my trainer asked me about my goals  and here they are for you:

  • Keep injury Free to Play Football ( soccer) at the Weekends.
  • Hit 184 lbs ( a figure  not seen for 5 years and am currently around 188lbs, 6/7 lbs down from the start of the year).
  • Increase my Vegetable and Water intake.( up is good no specific amount).
  • Run another 10 k in the Fall.
  • Be more mindful of nutrition in all aspects.
  • Feel good about what I am doing and why I am doing it.

In physical terms I have been able to get below 190lbs ,and have been as low as 187lb ,and maintain that for over one month (Its June 18th) , I have increased my body water levels to 62 % from 59 %  and reduce my body fat percentage by 3 %  both since Febuary. All without a huge all out effort but with just some small attention to detail.

How Have I Achieved This?

I got asked by a client recently what I have done this year that has  helped me make these changes.This was an interesting question and there was no real one answer. The following list is a good overview of what I did :

  • Consistency ( as discussed in an earlier blog ) I see my trainer twice a week, not always easy but somehow we find a way
  • In addition to 2 hours of weight training I use gaps between clients to add in unto an extra hours weights each week
  • I have worked at reducing mindless snacking ( avoiding the kitchen, watching how and why I drift in there when not even hungry)
  • I have also made better snacking choices ( sorry Coffee Time ) but now I plan ahead better, I throw an apple in the bag for those tempting moments
  • I have reduced the size of the snack even if its mindless
  • Worked at adding at least 2 extra water cups per day
  • Been accountable to both my trainer and a client who measures me weekly (trust me this makes me very accountable)
  • Insured I have protein as part of every meal
  • Increased my vegetables ( throwing spinach in smoothies etc)

So nothing major just lots  of small things and stuff that I think I can maintain longterm ( a recent quote I came across went something like this" a great life isn't about huge things but instead its a lot of small things that can make the difference")... I haven't really taken anything away deliberately but the things that don't really work for me have sort of melted away...roll on the next 6 months.