I have been following the Precision Nutrition(PN) Lean Eating programme for sometime, recently this has proved more successful to me than before, in the last 5 months I have lost 7 lbs and maintained and dropped 3.5 % Body Fat, my hydration level has climbed 3 %, not bad but could do better.... So recently I attended a PN gathering at which very successful lean eaters were sharing their stories.. as were the coaches of these people . PN has coached over 10, 000 people and as such has a massive data base of provable information.

A lot of people ask me how do people get " results" ... " lose weight " ? At the moment 99% of the population could benefit from improved nutrition...it would help reduce obesity, lower blood pressures, reduce diabetes... reduce cholesterol levels.. the list is pretty impressive but a few simple habits can go a long long way.

A wonderful quote came from the gathering ..." the decent method you follow is better than the worse method you quit" A lot of people swing from weight loss fad, diet fad, workout fad and then round again...its tough stuff, emotionally painful  and costly in both time and money.

So here is an amalgamation of stuff that worked for me, that works for others and can work for you.

1. Trust your body signals.. don't follow numbers, rules , diets ... if you feel sluggish, " fat", tired, there is a reason, likewise if you feel good, look good there too is a reason.

2.The majority of my food is whole unprocessed food...at least 85% would be awesome, people who eat 85% processed can refer to No 1...see above.

3.Learn some basic food preparation skills, nothing fancy , get organized in that kitchen.

4.Get regular physical movement.

5.Take ownership and responsibility. Don't point fingers elsewhere, avoid the blame game, work on your own self esteem, it may need some tough decisions...

6.Get real with family and friends.. if your support structure sucks so will your efforts. Ensure people around you respect your goals , too many saboteurs and you have problems...some " pushers " may have to be cut from your circle.

7.Get real with emotions. Eating doesn't resolve the problem unless the problem is hunger, you eat the cookie but the stress reason for doing so is still there!

8.Try to fill up with nutritious foods...there is no room for other stuff if you fill up with say spinach which would you believe has in 1 lb the same calories as one slice of bacon.

9. Probably one thing almost all of my clients and to some extent myself could do with more of is SLEEP ... lack of will even affect willpower... go think about that one!

10. Build an Identity .. the decisions you make will shape your identity. Lean healthy eaters make lean healthy decisions.Until you see yourself as healthy you won't eat that way.

In summary a great quote was posted, author unknown:

"One of the greatest opportunities to live our values or betray them lies in the food we put on our plates"