After an amazing weekend at the Precision Nutrition (PN) course with like minded people from all across North America, I have many topics that I could  focus on.The weekend oooooozed information! I have pages of notes, tons of ideas and masses of perspectives that I am going to disseminate and write about. Watch this space in the near future! One of the early and thought provoking discussions surrounded the issue of lean eating. This is one of the core values of to eat lean, the relationship between you and food and the changes that you may consider making that would make you a lean eater. Specifically, I liked the notion that describing someone as a  "lean eater" wasn't linked to something that you do, it was more a description of the person that you are.

But to become a lean eater you have to be clear in shaping your destination. Where in fact do I want to arrive? If I had to describe my  "perfect day " within the confounds of my current life what would be in it? For me personally, maybe I would like to wake up without an alarm in the morning, find time each day to read something business relevant, get some form of workout done and be on time for all my clients...oh and eat lean, of course!

Ask yourself - what could I do each day so that by the end of the day I could say  "great, done it, I feel awesome that I have accomplished something today." What does that look like to me? What does that mean? These could be described as "WHAT's."

So we have some "WHAT's," but we need to consider the "HOW's." How am I going to facilitate this great day that represents me and my core values? How am I going to accomplish my "WHAT's?"

For example, if I want to wake up without an alarm but be on time for my first client, I may have to go to bed earlier...this would be my "HOW."

Now all the "WHAT's" we need to have the "WHY's." Why is sleeping an extra hour or waking up without an alarm important to me? Maybe I just want to feel better, feel less tired, feel energized etc.

So in fact I have to start with the "WHY's" and I need to make a connection between the "WHY" and the "WHAT."  This is covered at length in "Start with Why " by Simon Sinek. He refers to the "Golden Circle"  of  "Why", "How" "What " and the ratio between them. It's a way of understanding why we do what we do, and it's a reminder that we can achieve great things by first asking the question, "why?"

Very few people can clearly articulate why they do what they do. Let's say "why" is to make money - but thats actually a result of what we do...make sense? The term "why" could be defined as something along the lines of what is your purpose, cause or belief? Why do you get up each day? Mostly we communicate from  "what to why." The easiest thing to explain to the hardest. We are good at saying what we do. We can also say how we do it but we find it harder to say why we do what we do. This would be like communicating in reverse.

So what are my values? What do I pick as my big "to do" rocks each day? What are the most important things for me to get done? Can I fit them in my day? Can I get them done straight away or do I need to be flexible? Can I get other stuff done, the less "big" stuff (I am going to call them pebbles)? And lastly, what about the stuff I would like to do? Routine things,  like surfing the net or cutting the grass, which aren't particularly necessary each day. If I don't get the balance right, I am going to overfill my day. Overreaching each day is a common "western" trait. Not enough of us are asking  "WHY." If you need to reset the course you may have to redefine the "WHY".

What's important? what works? what matters? If we don't know what matters, how will we be able to change our course and see where we are going?

Where do I want to go?

What Can I do?

Can I do it now?

If it's a "yes"...let's get going!! If it's a "no," consider what step you need to do first or before this  to help yourself!

So each day (this easily applies to nutrition) start with the "why", which will in turn drive the "what." Why am I doing this? Does it align with my core values or do they need redefining? Is what I am doing for me working for me?

Maybe just asking yourself " why do I want to lose weight" may be a bigger question than the " what" or the " how".

Ref Simon Sinek " Start With Why"