This has been debated for sometime and it just about fits in to what we are all about with this blog, how we are trying to put our message across...its not all about me!! As a trainer you have to be client focused, not always easy if you have many clients, sometimes its hard to get the level of focus right. Sometimes you get the inspiration level too high, too low... you can't "reach" that client... or you connect easily.

Finding out what inspires is a difficult process...when it works, BANG ... we are" in "and its all good. This is a story of one of my clients stretching over 4 years. The words belong to them, its a wonderful story of highs and lows, of plateau`s and tears, of marathons and heartache, of pain and frustration... and a journey that is still running today.

Its all true and I am proud to have been there ...almost from the start...

Read on.....

Rose Coloured Glasses!

One Clients Fitness Journey – Part 1


I don’t know how I didn’t see it...The signs were all there!

I was tired all the time. I was out of breath and trailing behind on the family bike rides and everyone would have to stop and wait for me.  When I took the kids to the park to play on the swings... I didn’t fit any more.  My favourite stores didn’t carry clothes in my size anymore or the really pretty blouses or pants only came in dark or solid colours. My Doctor had to put me on high blood pressure medication when I was pregnant with my first child and somehow, I was never able to come off of it...?

It finally took looking at pictures from a summer family vacation for me to finally take off the rose colored glasses and realize that sadly, I didn’t recognize the women in the photo! Somehow, my weight had swollen to 240lbs over the years of marriage and raising two wonderful kids and I hadn’t even seen it! I still felt like that vibrant 21yr old I was when I first got married.

I loved my kids and my husband and did everything I could to make them happy and look after all of their needs. What I failed to see, was that somehow in doing so, I had lost myself and all that I had once been….outgoing, confident, athletic, energetic and happy girl!  I had forgotten to take time for me, to fill myself up with love and time to grow and flourish. Somehow….that girl was gone.  It was a harsh reality to realize that I was languishing in depression and was severely obese.

This is where the story begins to my emotional and physical freedom!