Recently we were discussing the speed of eating and highlighting how few people take the time to eat slowly and find enjoyment in their nutrition...the premise was simple eating fast encourages over eating which in turn assists weight gain. This is a sort of part 3 to our 2 previous discussions related to this area. Eating Till 80 % Full Works!

I have been practicing this for about 6 months and its incredibly hard to do, it helps if you have mastered the " eating slowly" habit that we previously discussed! When I was growing up I was always encouraged to clear the plate ( no desert if you don't kinda routine.." you should be grateful " etc etc ) however later in life this habit persists for me and many others. I have been programmed to eat until I finish regardless of my needs. However trying to finish up leaving some food on my plate is a habit worth pursuing..or indeed putting less on my plate in the first place isn't a bad move either.

Why Eat To 80 % Anyway?

People often confuse the feeling of hunger ( even me I go 1 hour past a feed time and " I am starving.". I`m not but we all say this......hunger truly isnt an emergency but we treat it like one) and being truly hungry...being a bit hungry thoughout the day is a sign you are in fat burning mode! However we try our best each day to not feel hungry and often eat when we don't need too just because we can...or we feel like we have too. Eating less actually feels good anyway , overeating can make you feel bloated and lousy and places extra pressure on our bodies.

How to Eat to 80% Full

Yes its a hard habit to get to grips do you know when you are 80% full.., you have to listen to your body ...when you feel " good" you should stop eating when you feel stuffed you probably gone too far. Try eating unprocessed food its going to be packed with nutrients and can make you feel fuller may be surprised just how little food you need during the day. The spin offs can be amazing ...feel better, sleep better...lose fat...its all good!

So a bit of practice makes perfect, try to eat not to when you feel full but to the point that you don't feel should aim to eat when you are " hungry ". However if four hours after a meal you have no signs of hunger then you have probably eaten too much and if you are hungry within 2 hours you probably haven't eaten enough...