"Fast Food", indeed lots out our nutritional intake has become "fast" , everything has to be eaten/ available/ done in the quickest possible time...we previously discussed that speed eating (maybe like speed dating?) is just not good for you on many levels. Most of our meals never reach twenty minutes which is how long it takes to break down the enzymes and nutrients in our food... hence we are still putting food in our mouths despite our stomachs being full!! ( because of the speed of the intake) Whats Good about "Slow Food"?

If I am not mistaken the "slow food " movement started in Rome, Italy in response to the first MacDonalds opening up there, but why eat slow (ly) ?

Firstly its a nice thing to do, and may even be helpful in stimulating conversation...Secondly it aids digestion, you chew the food longer , the stomach ends up doing less work...and in turn that means less problems related to stomach issues ! Thirdly eating slowly is just plain less stressful, make the time, sit at a table ( never eat standing up or in a car !!) , turn the TV off, focus on what you are doing, saviour the moment, don't be taking calls, checking emails...make time for something that is vitally important in your life ( lets face it repeat reality TV shows aren't that interesting are they?) Fourthly eating slow brings more taste enjoyment ( do you sip expensive wine or slug it down like beer? ) , you will appreciate the experience more..

Strategies To Help You

Our eating habits have been long engrained, often food time is just seen as a means to an end, lets get the job done, no respect shown to the food or ourselves..so lets set ourself a proper time to eat .

Most people in the morning get up in a rush and hurry out to work, food almost gets in the way of getting out the door, why not get up just 15 mins earlier, or prepare something the night before? Set out a time to eat again later in the day.. this can be a quite painful experience ...I find many people are controlled by food rather than the other way round !

Using smaller utensils ( and maybe plates ) and putting them down between mouthfuls is another way of slowing down, I have done this, its hard, I found that pushing the plate away from me between mouthfuls and taking a sip of drink a  good strategy here..

I have already alluded to this but really the best place to eat is at the table , stay seated, don't get up ( its so easy to get distracted isn't it?) , the car or standing are the worst places to eat..

So lets get conscious of how we are actually eating, where we are eating, lets be present in front of food, put some thought and work into these areas and you will feel a whole lot better, its also going to help you to lose weight .