I saw this quote the other day and like many similar quotes it made me smile.. "the difference between a rut and a grave is just the dimensions". I come across many people who if I was being judgemental are in a "rut", whether that be with their life, their health, relationships, work...I also recall the expression " velvet lined rut" which means its so comfortable who would want to get out..

On the other hand I also hear " I want.... to change how I look, how I feel, to lose 10 lbs, "...in the past we have discussed habit and change. If we make no change nothing is going to happen, it seems obvious doesn't it. Make a big change, especially one that you can maintain and the chances of getting results multiply. However, when we try to make " big" changes they often overwhelm us.. doing nothing looks like a easy route. Lets stay in the " rut" but as the quote suggests this can become your " grave" .

So here is a list of 10 things you could do today.... (indeed , that could be done today ) ...  that may have a positive outcome on your life;

1. Smile, tell yourself you are awesome ....

2. Go to bed 30 mins earlier

3. Drink an extra glass of water

4. Find a way to do 30 mins extra cardio ...walk to work, take a walk break at lunch..

5. Plan to find some time for yourself today

6. Make one good food choice each meal

7. Practice some relaxation breathing before you go to bed

8. Write down some goals for the next 6 months, doesn't have to be a massive list

9. Think of one new habit that is health positive and work on that for  at least a week

10. Leave for work ten minutes earlier than usual, don't start the day in a rush.

Look after yourself, it makes sense doesn't it.. you deserve it.