5.30 am , rudely awaken by the incessant buzz of the alarm, its not attractive but up we get, quick check outside , good no more snow, can cycle to work today, it maybe minus 8 but its a good warm up. Quick check of the emails and texts to see if we have had any overnight cancellations , a fantastic and nutritious shake ( spinach, walnuts , almond milk, blueberries, 2 scoops of protein powder if you want to know) , a fish oil capsule, some multivitamins and its out the door.

First up today is a one hour circuit style bootcamp , quickly set some equipment up ( we planned our circuit the night before) and get ready before the clients come in. One class member brings in an article on stretching , we quickly chat about that and welcome the other participants, its Friday, the last class of the week. Its cold and snowy but we still get a good turnout , its nice to see the regulars, some of whom have been coming for over a year, 3 times a week. How is that for dedication? We warm up and work them hard, bit of banter flies around the room and we smile our way through the next hour, everyone seems in fine form and no one is complaining. One hour later and we are done, they work hard, I am always impressed with their attitude and commitment.

Next up is todays first client, bouncing in, smiling and ready to go, we swap a few lines , check on a few issues that may affect the session and we move into a short warm up, some mobility exercises and we are then hitting the weights, nothing too aggressive today, more like a maintenance session. We move round the studio concentrating on some big key exercises, an hour later we are done and we go our separate ways.

Today I am moving on to cover another client , 5 k south and decided to use the subway, the first two clients today are both longterm ( 4 and 3 years respectively) and they are both a pleasure to work with. Its only a ten min travel time and the session has been pre planned so we hit the ground running straight on ten o clock, the time flies by, the whole studio is talking about Lance Armstrong who was on TV last night , general consensus was he was a cheat and now do we believe a word he is now saying. The session glides past , a moan and groan along the way but no problems to report,coat on and back out into the snow, chat with the client as we leave and discuss nutritional strategies for her partner who I also train.

Onwards, quick duck into Hortons , grab a coffee and a tea ( my client deserves it !) and walk 5 mins round the corner. This client is very unique , she has lost way over 50lb since we started and kept that off, albeit with a few bumps along the way for over a year. Quality. Secondly we train beside a swim pool with a temp of 86 degree , its different and challenging, especially as we are going to work mini circuits today, high reps, low weight, no rest periods and additional cardio, it adds up to a killer session, more , more , more, come on lady push it out. We even had the kids cheering along, wonderful moment, sweat is dripping off and there are no prisoners today. Does she work hard, my god yes.

Travel time again, client is running late and forgot her cheque book, after 5 mins I am accused of persecuting her on the basis of those two facts, its not true but we both smile at the thought of that prospect. Short session today but effective, try to re arrange an extra session next week but no times exist that work...shame.

Break time .Return subway journey north and a quick bike ride home, time to sit and relax, take in some food, let that digest and we are going to get on the spin bike for 30 mins and listen to some tunes, love these quiet times getting some cardio in.

Couple of quick phone calls to staff and leads , write up my next programme, only one more session today. Have cut down my workload on  Friday and its helped to free up some quality time. 6pm last session of the day, client is never late and walks to ever session regardless of the weather. I am impressed. Its been just under a year of workouts ,   my client works hard and gives her all, at this time on  Friday night I can ask for no more.

Its been a great day...still got to write up tomorrows programmes though...early night I think

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