Despite its good intentions the " Biggest Loser " reality TV show has annoyed me for a long long time. Initially I thought it was mildly amusing, find some obese people then exercise them to near death then give them some money if they lose  the most weight. Apart from  being totally un ethical from a training standpoint it has come to light that it may actually be the biggest turnoff for people trying to lose weight. Research conducted by Dr Tanya Berry from the University of Alberta described the show in the Toronto Star as " more torture than toning, not motivational in the least and tends towards voyeurism". If you are not familiar with the show well known trainers with best selling books shout at people who are trying to run on an incline treadmill at 400lbs, sad to watch and totally devastating for your joints ,this  push push push theme continues regardless of ability or need. Once I saw a contestant get sore shins (shin splints) from doing this exact form of exercise , 2 days later the same person was being pushed to run a marathon, they were in fact just hobbling around , " injured". I am not sure where it says " hurt people" when you become a trainer, intact I was once told my job was simply to keep my client from " getting injured", however, I don't have a book to sell or an ego to feed. On top of that issue its made competitive, and that isn't really " lifestyle changing" its just TV fodder. Interestingly the show which promotes weight loss has adverts throughout for fast food, pop, pizza etc, extending its unethical approach.

The research also found that the show can give people a negative attitude towards and possibly an avoidance overall of exercise, and that the negative portrayals are in fact counter productive...hardly the goal?

However people please don't be put off by what you see, its not like this in the real world,most professional training facilities will be able to provide you with a long term and sustainable plan to help you reach your goals. In the meantime , watch, winch and " enjoy"