Chas is the owner of Inspira Athletica. He has been involved in sport coaching for many years and has been a personal health coach for over a 11 years ( I actually started cleaning machines in a gym ) : a career that has spanned over 13,000 hours of one on one coaching. . Chas specializes in nutritional counselling and lifestyle coaching using skills obtained via  Precision Nutrition at both Level 1 and Level 2  (2014). In addition Chas has a deep understanding of exercise biomechanics as determined by RTS 1, 2 & 3. His knowledge allows him to mix disciplines to create truly individualized sessions for clients. 

A tireless champion of education, Chas has over 35 certifications and is always looking to update his knowledge. He believes in raising standards and is intent on moving the personal training industry forward.  Chas completed in 2013 the Bone Fit Clinical workshop and is a designated Bone Fit trainer by Osteoporosis Canada. In late 2106 Chas completed a Certificate In Motivational Interviewing at York University, Toronto. 

In his spare time he listens to Led Zepellin, The Beatles, Northern Soul and a host of random shit,  looks after his nipper and follows his beloved Leeds United FC.



Anne is a certified Personal Training Specialist and a lifestyle wellness coach.  Anne has recently completed a coaching program through the Wellcoaches School of Coaching, endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and numerous lifestyle medicine courses offered by the American College of Preventive Medicine, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Harvard University Faculty of Medicine Continuing Medical Education.   With these unique credentials, Anne is able to implement customized programs for her clients which include personal fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.   Anne coaches clients towards healthier lives by helping them make sustainable lifestyle changes in areas such as sleep, stress management, emotional wellness as well as nutrition and exercise, in an informal, nonjudgmental and entertaining way. 

Anne practiced corporate law in Toronto for several years before taking time to raise her family.   Anne understands the challenges and obstacles facing busy people with real lives and competing demands on their time.



Kirsten is one of the most well-rounded fitness professionals currently working in Toronto. She’s a canfitpro PRO TRAINER, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss (HWL) Coach, Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT™) Specialist and one of the few people worldwide who've earned a Mastery Level designation as a Resistance Training Specialist (RTS®).

Over 20 years in the industry and a nerdy enthusiasm for biomechanics have helped her take a considered approach to each client she works with. Her approach is not only to offer an incredible personal training experience but to also empower her clients by teaching them what they can do on their own.

In addition to her time in the gym, she has presented her innovative ideas on weight loss and health at numerous events and contributed to local publications such as Tonic Toronto and Healthy Directions.



Bob has always had a passion for health and fitness. With a background in Kinesiology from York University, this certified personal trainer studied abroad to become one of the first 10 M.A.T specialists in Canada.

Bob comprehends the need to keep on top of the cutting-edge research of human performance, fat loss and nutrition. Through his extensive training and unique qualifications, Bob goes beyond simply “working out” with his training programs.  He is able to assess each individual’s specific muscular imbalances and address them using targeted exercises and training progressions.

If you are tired of being fed into the typical “cookie-cutter” exercise programs without seeing the results you deserve, you are invited to set up a free consultation with Bob to review your goals and discuss a plan to get you there safely and effectively!




Kia has been a personal trainer for over six years, helping clients, both beginner and advanced, achieve their health and fitness goals. Kia enjoys working with clients to develop sustainable strategies through healthy lifestyle changes that suit their unique lifestyle and situation. 

Kia earned his Bachelor's degree in kinesiology from York Univesity in 2013 and his Master's degree in kinesiology from A.T. Still University in 2017 with a focus on exercise psychology. He is Precision Nutrition Certified and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

Whether your goal is to live a healthier life, to lose fat and gain muscle, or to exercise pain-free, Kia believes in an individualized approach paired accountability in a supportive community and environment.

In his spare time, Kia is usually reading about nutrition, strength training, or psychology at a new coffee shop in Toronto or watching re-runs of Seinfeld. 



Vlada is a CanFitPro certified trainer, who started in the fitness industry 5 years ago. Vlada’s fitness journey began in 2011. Like many of us, Vlada first came to the gym looking to change the image reflecting back in the mirror; little did she know this journey would help her fall in love with serving her body through fitness and health. That’s when Vlada decided to make fitness her career. The gym is the happiest place on Earth for Vlada. One of the biggest lessons learned over the last 7 years working on the mind and body, is the importance of strength training. Vlada believes it is the number one tool for those seeking body composition changes, but it is also essential for those looking to improve mobility, flexibility, balance, to prevent injury, improve overall health and achieve longevity.

Vlada has been fortunate enough to work with a wide variety of clientele, the majority being women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Many of these ladies want to get back into a routine and shed a few pounds. Once they start weight training, they realize that they are much more capable than they first gave themselves credit for, pushing them to strive and achieve much bigger goals than they had initially set. Vlada loves seeing her clients become their very own best. The greatest benefit of Vlada’s job is helping  clients commence this wonderful journey.    

Vlada believes that being fit and healthy involves more than just working out, and she is always looking to expand her knowledge and experience.  Vlada has a Soft Tissue Release certification and is currently taking Precision Nutrition Level 1 and a NSCA Programming Specialist Program. Vlada has a degree in Classical History and Philosophy, which introduced her to the works of Socrates. Vlada believes the following words written by Socrates sum up this journey perfectly by saying:

“Surely a person of sense would submit to anything, like exercise, so as to obtain a well functioning mind and pleasant, happy life.”


A small group fitness class instructor, Rita is a life long learner who is committed to health and fitness. Rita's earliest love of movement was as a dancer with George Randolph and that passion evolved into a love of working out. As an active North Toronto Mom, Rita has become deeply involved with the University of Toronto Track Team. Rita competes in middle distance running events, having travelled to Sacramento, Brazil, France, Australia and most recently Spain to represent Canada in the World Master Championships. Rita’s current fitness passions include running, snowshoeing, skiing, weightlifting and fitness classes.